Backyard BBQ by Bomasz

Make your next event memorable with pulled pork and beef brisket, authentically wood-smoked and served on-site for your guests. Smoked for 14+ hours with locally sourced apple, hickory and oak, you know this is going to taste better than anything that has been prepared with fake liquid smoke or bitter-tasting pellet smoke. This is the real deal.

BBQ catering is all we do. We have a simple menu of either Pulled Pork (smoked with apple) or Beef Brisket (smoked with hickory or oak), and we have a range of fixings to choose from, from the traditional to the more modern takes on the classics. But that’s it.

Hamburgers and hot dogs are something we’ll let you handle on the grill. Let us take care of the specialty food for your big event. We’ll be sourcing premium cuts of meat, preparing them with our signature rubs, tending the fire overnight and through the early morning, and of course, serving you and your guests a mouth-watering BBQ meal and truly unforgettable experience. That is what we specialize in.

Ready to bring authentic BBQ meat to your upcoming event? Book with us today!