Proudly Serving New Jersey

It’s all for the love of BBQ food. Being passionate about something really helps, and there is nothing I’m more excited about than good old BBQ food. After a trip down south with my wife a few years ago, I became obsessed with BBQ beef brisket. I tried all the local places back here in NJ and NY, trying to replicate that same taste, but I couldn’t find it. The places had BBQ in their name, and the food tasted all right, but it just wasn’t the same BBQ I had experienced.

So, I figured if no one can replicate it, I’ll just have to do it myself. After months of reading, experimenting, and trying all sorts of BBQ, both good and bad, I finally nailed down the ingredients, process and know-how to make it for myself. A few years later, with the urging of my family, I started Bomasz Backyard BBQ Catering to bring you the great tasting BBQ of the south.

As demand grew, I had to step-up from my flimsy, rinky-dink smoker and upgrade to some professional equipment. With the help of my father, we were able to get our hands on a solid piece of equipment and custom fabricate it into the ideal offset smoker that would serve our needs.

A lot of people tell me that this is the best BBQ they have tasted and I should open up a restaurant. But, I don’t think that’s the right way to go. I believe that a lot of the local places in New Jersey started off with the same vision for making delicious BBQ food, but as the owners became more hands off, the quality of the food suffered. They started using pellets and liquid smoke. The brisket became over-smoked and chewy. The pork is slathered in sauce to cover the dryness and inconsistent flavor. The brisket is cut against the grain. Shortcuts are used to decrease cook times and labor costs, to the detriment of the taste. It’s unfortunate, and I will not make the same mistakes.

As long as I am still personally arriving at your event with my smoker, tending the fire and watching the meat throughout the night, preparing and serving it to your guests, you can rest assured that I will be serving the best possible, most authentic BBQ food I can. That is my promise to you, and embodies my utmost respect & dedication to real wood-smoked BBQ.